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Welcome to our digital education platform, where you can access high-quality learning resources from the comfort of your home. Our platform offers a wide range of courses and programs for students of all ages. Join us today and take the first step towards reaching your digital education goals!

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TenderCare Digital Consult is your best plug for digital services and digital education. Let us help you increase your business visibility online.

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Our team of experienced educators and high-quality learning resources ensures that students receive a top-notch education.

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Our curriculum is designed to allow users to learn at their own pace and at their own schedule.

Our Services

Digital Marketing Services

We help promote our client's business brand, products and services via the internet or other digital channels. We offer Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing

Amazon Kindle Publishing

We also help organizations, individuals, publish their books on Amazon and also on their own Website


We help small businesses embrace the digital economy by helping take their businesses online

CAC Registration Services

We help entrepreneurs register their businesses with Corporate Affairs Commission. We offer Business Name Registration, Business Name Upgrade to Limited Liability Company, Company registration

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Ready to conquer the online space? Get in touch so that we ca help you increase your brand visibility with our digital marketing services.

Monetize Your Knowledge

Your knowledge is Gold. You can leverage your Skills, Experiences to earn steady stream of income.

Email Marketing for Schools

Email communication is one strategy schools can use to reduce cost of operation and effectively manage staff

Self-Publishing on Amazon KDP

Want to start publishing your own books but do not know how? You can Self-Publish your books on Amazon today!

Our Courses

Create Your First Online Course Website

Learn how to create your first online course and host it on your own website

Ecommerce for Beginners

A complete guide on how to take your business online starting from the basics

Facebook Ads for Beginners

Learn the basics of Facebook Advert and start running you own Facebook Ad

Earn from Online Tutoring

A complete guide of how to start teaching online and how to get students for your online classes

Our Happy Clients!

Mrs Chioma Okonkwo
Lecturer, University of Port-Harcourt

Mrs Thelma Igwe
Director, School Support Initiative