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Tendercare digital consult was borne out of the need to promote and develop digital skills among educators. The increasing demand for digital/online learning has given room for many educators to be educated in digital entrepreneurship skills, making them relevant in the 21st century learning environment.

During the Covid-19 pandemic that necessitated the lock down of schools for 6 months, many schools were forced to start teaching and learning online. I trained a number of teachers on how to use Google Classroom, Edomodo, Video Conferencing tools to deliver their classes online. In the course of the various trainings, I saw a huge gap in the education sector with regards to digital education. This birthed Tendercare Digital Consult aimed at helping education develop relevant digital skills to make them fit for the 21st century classroom.

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Vincent Agu


A Serial entrepreneur and business coach who is passionate about promoting digital entrepreneurship among youths in Africa. He regularly shares his years of experience in online courses, webinars, trainings under his pet project, Network for Entrepreneurship Trainers(NET)

Favour Egbadeku


She is an administrator who have numerous years of experience managing educators in different private schools and have recently continued to train and re-train them to be better version of themselves.

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